I want to start by making an introduction. My name is Pambudi Yoga Perdana. Born below the equator line in a small town called Mempawah, in West Borneo, Indonesia. I went to ordinary formal education level, from kindergarten to college in Parahyangan University, major in Architecture.

For some years, I have spent seeing the world through camera. I have been lucky to work for some of wonderful clients like Holiday Inn, Saung Angklung Udjo, Musikal Lutung Kasarung, Garuda Food, British Council, Hyatt Regency, BlueScope Lysaght, HajarBroxx Motorcycle, Conwood, Urbane, Shell Helix, and other personal clients.

These days, I decide to focus my camera to the subjects closer to my heart. Combining my enthusiasm for architecture and my constant fascination for nature. Thus, at present, I mainly photographing architecture and interior works such hotel, landmarks, details, and so on. I also spend some of my time documenting the wonders of terrestrial and sublime celestial of my home country.

This website is not merely about photography. Almost, but not quite. I include other lovely things that I’m interested in. The craft of notebook, graphic design, and also typography.

I reside mainly in Bandung, and yet, can otherwise be found get lost somewhere remote en route to doing personal project. I always open to joining in a new project. For exciting new work inquiries or friendly correspondence, you can say something to me directly at +62 812 266 2059 or pambudiperdana@gmail.com.


My friend and I (right) are gazing the stars remotely.