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Excuse me, cause I’m being hyperbolic with the writing above. The big-straight-obvious-forward written tells us a path leads to Shutterstock website. It is stock photography agency based in New York City. And yes, it’s one of the biggest in the world. Recently, I contribute for them, or I could otherwise say, “I’m a Shutterstock contributor now.”

Over the years, I’ve been doing a lot of things called photography. Without saying, it’s a testament for my love to photography. I captured a lot of things in our terrestrial, not to mention celestial as well. Some of them appeared very good from the beginning, as I may say. But, I was not that brilliant, afterthought. What I don’t wisely consider is the afterward plan for those potential photos. All photographs end as stacks in the computer’s hard drive.

Soon after, I was thinking randomly and it came out of the blue, it’s just a bit of thinking actually, “This photo of Chinese lantern could probably be useful for someone in Zimbabwe, to be placed as a background in poster of Chinese New Year’s celebration in Harare.” That’s it. Then I start to search the world-wide stock photo agencies that have direct market to someone in Zimbabwe. And yet, I find Shutterstock.

With that in mind, I go through all my photos and select for best-suitable images to be submitted. I failed at my first attempt. Soldier on, and I submitted again. At this moment, 7 of my photos are available to buy at Shutterstock. Now, somebody in Zimbabwe is about to be happy with that.

Here, those 7 photos that are successfully screened…



I will tell a brief about them…

Top) Borobudur in the night. As you know, the epic sanctuary is epic as it is. In the night of full moon  with brilliant lighting arrangement, Borobudur is happened to be twice as more epic. The illuminated Borobudur surely happens on the day that Buddhists celebrate Wesak Day. This one was on 2012.

2nd row & 3rd row left)  The National Geographic Indonesia claimed the beach as the queen of the south beach in Java. The name is Klayar Beach, located in Pacitan, East Java. The beach is very far in a remote area, yet very pristine. What makes the beach extraordinary—for me—are the rock formation along the shore and of course vast soft white sand. From there, everything is just getting better. It’s hard to reach the beach because the road condition that is quite bad. But let it like that, I suppose. The fewer that people come, the better the beach sustains. And what we all need is loving the nature.

3rd row right) It’s Sam Po Kong in Semarang. Some says, it’s the very old Chinese temple in Semarang, maybe oldest, I don’t know. Admiral Zheng He or Cheng Ho—Chinese muslim explorer—began the first construction when he arrived in Semarang in sometimes around 1400′s. Over the years, the temple keeps growing and develops more, yet more to come. Sam Poo Kong is open for public to visit.

Bottom) The dry Savannah in Bromo with dramatic clouds and some sun rays that struggle to breaking into it.

That’s about it…

Over time, the collection will be increasing, that’s for sure.



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