ILOS Hotel, Bandung


This is my another architerior work. The photographs of ILOS Hotel, Bandung. It’s a small hotel with around twenty rooms. Situated in the city’ entrance area. The owner of ILOS Hotel gave me a call, and asked me to photograph her hotel. Architerior is something very close to me, apart from my major when I was in the university, it’s something I like to experience. I’m always interested in sense of place. And it would be nice, if I could deliver it through photos that I create. I’ve been recommended to the hotel’s owner by the Hyatt Regency Bandung GM’s secretary for photographing the architerior.

It’s always such a mega effort to capture hotel’s room. Because it represents everything, everything related to that hotel is presented through hotel’s room photos. The geometrical order, the decor-artistic, the lighting, the shadows, the annoying cable, and—well to be quite honest, it’s everything within the room actually—need to be captured at the finest balance. The end.

On the day onward, you could easily find it appear as official promotional images of ILOS Hotel. These are the final images.


Front facade of ILOS Hotel.


The inner court.


Front office. 


Breakfast area.


Stairway to upper floor.


Room’s entrance.


Living room at Duluxe.


Also, living room at Duluxe. 


Single bed room. 


Double bed room. 



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